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TEDx Global Movement

"A valued, longstanding member and contributor to the TEDx community that has helped shape with his continued input and vision the TEDx program strategy for what the program has grown to become today.
As a recognition for his locally and globally leadership, in 2011, we elected Vlad as the TEDx Ambassador for Eastern Europe. As a TEDx Ambassador, Vlad helped oversee and protect the TEDx brand in Eastern Europe."
Salome Heusel, Deputy Director, TEDx, TED Conferences LLC

"The kind of person who leaves a strong positive impression on you! A great mentor for people who are passionate enough and resistent enough to change the world!"
Anwar Dafa-Alla, Most prolific TED Translator, Researcher, Sudan and Washington DC

"I trust that Vlad's vision and insight will lead more movements forward."
Ellen Cheng, TEDx Ambassador, Beijing, China


"Vlad's vision leaves the best impression on you! Truly an unique speaker."
Eduard Fildiroiu, Managing Partner, WeMarket, Bucharest, Romania

"A walking dictionary of Design!"
Diana Lup, AIESEC University trainee

"Vlad sees the things everyone should see, but no one else does. "
Mihai Mariș, "Student by Day/Superhero by Night"(Communication Student), Cluj-Napoca, Romania


"One of the most remarkable student of his generation!"
Cătălin Negera, Professor Tibiscus University of Design, Timișoara, România

Professional Work

"Great speaker and presenter! Knows exactly what he wants and he's able to manage a big team with ease. Great listener!"
Dorian Cioban, Co-Founder, Branding Magazine, Founder Fresch Creative Studio, Serbia

"Vlad has an original approach to clients, a good understanding of the whole without losing attention to each small detail! He has all that a good designer needs!"
Lucian Enasoni, Designer and Personal Style Advisor Tudor Personal Tailor, Romania

"Highly motivated and business oriented! An absolute more value for every company"
Cosmin Neidoni, Business Development Manager Architekst, Belgium

"Extremely resourceful and energetic person! He aims to be at the right place in time at the right moment."
Rob van Kranenburg, Founder of the Council of the Internet of Things, Belgium

"Vlad's ideas are so diverse and his approach is so much different that it's like finding a new borderless Universe. It totally fascinates you!"
Mihaela Deacu, Tiffin University EMBA, Bucharest, România

"A trustworthy expert in his field, with very strong integrated community values."
Mihai Lisetchi, Executive Director at the Agency for Information and Development of NGOs, România

"A very creative individual who is able to transition your ideas from a concept to something visible!"
Robert Greenawalt, Fargo, North Dakota, USA

"Efficient and effective! Extremely goal oriented. Focused."
Marian Dobre, Mundis

"One of the most dedicated person I've ever met!"
Valentin Mezo, Radio SON