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Vlad Fiscutean

Vlad increases the profits using a propertary process that uses business tools like design, branding with spirit, marketing, advertising, public relations, psychology, sociology, media.

A Unique Methodology
The unique methodology is based on his years of interdisciplinary lab research and hands-on experience. The process was developed, rafined and applied with great financial success in the past 7 years in a fairly large number of industries in Europe, USA and Canada.

Vlad is the pioneer of sensory branding practice in Romania, Europe and one of the creators of Romania's most notorious virals and engaged brands.

BA in Graphic Design and Product Design . MA in Advertising Design and Book Design . MBA at Tiffin University - Youngest student admitted . MUSIC Violin, Piano, Chamber Orchestra, Music Theory.

Extensive research into how commercial communication and communication design can change people's behaviour.

Frequently invited to speak on topics such as Branding, Positioning, Communication Design, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media.

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